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Reasons to Clean Your Ventilation System

Have you had your duct system cleaned or serviced within the last two years? If you haven’t you may want to keep reading. Dirty ventilation systems can cause issues that you may not have realized.

A poorly maintained duct system can cause health risks to those in the building, increase in bacteria growth, and a higher risk of fire. Health concerns like allergies, tiredness, irritated eyes, dizziness and more can arise to those working where ducts aren’t properly maintained. Standards in the USA highly recommend having the ducts in the ventilation system inspected a minimum of once per two years.

Having a clean duct system not only lowers the risk of fires and health issues, but it also can make it much easier to control the temperature throughout the building which saves you energy costs. Is it humid in your building? The duct systems also help control the humidity in the air, so it might be time to get it cleaned if you’re experiencing a higher level of moisture. The benefits are endless when it comes to clean ducts; don’t let them get overlooked!

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