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L&R Corrosion

Who We Are

L&R Corrosion Services Division is a leading cathodic protection and corrosion prevention company. Our team has provided environmentally beneficially systems and services to our clients for nearly 22 years.  L&R provides corrosion protection products for installation, cathodic protection testing, maintenance and corrosion protection project management.  L&R specializes in protecting the infrastructure of underground Storage tanks, above ground storage tanks, natural gas pipe lines, petroleum pipe lines, electric utility, other infrastructure industries.

Quality Products

L&R is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their corrosion prevention goals.  L&R is dedicated to continually using the best proven products, and to approach every challenge with the goal of delivering an innovative, cost-effective and safe solution.


L&R is pleased to offer a project management solution that provides our clients with one point of contact for all project matters, a fixed price for each system installation and a 10-year warranty that pertains to L&R’s products and 3 years on installation services.


Demonstrating L&R ‘s confidence in our core products design, we are providing a 10-year warranty on the anode system operation and a 3-year warranty on installation services.

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L&R Corrosion